Lead Deep Water Drilling Engineer

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    One of our key clients has asked for our assistance in finding a Lead Drillign Engineer for a Deep Water project in the Far East. This shall be on a Residential basis commencing late August early September. 

To be successful for consideration on this role, you must have considerable experience as a Senior or Lead Drilling Engineer and be able to demonstrate and prove your previous experience on deppwater projects ideally on an international arena. 

For more details and to apply for this position, pleas submit your CV along with a cover note, quoting J8424


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Jacobson Mark Zuckerberg Marks'_Standard_Handbook_for_Mechanical_Engineers Markus Persson MARPOL Mars One Marshall McLuhan Martin Ford Mary Barra mass shooting mass surveillance Masters guide to shipboard accident response Material Acceleration Material Engineer material handling Material Science Notes Material Science Notes for gate Material selection and Design Notes for gate materials used to make cylinder line math Matlab codes MATLAB PROJECT TITLES MATLAB PROJECTS maximum MBA MBA 2015 projects MC-C MCA McDERMOTT Job MCHM MDS JOB ME mean meant by thermo dynamic Measures to counter piracy measuring specifi gravity Mecca MECHANICAL mechanical efficiency MECHANICAL PROJECTS DOWNLOAD MECHANICAL PROPERTIES mechanical properties of a material.mechanical properties Mechanical Seal Types Mechanical Seals MECHANICAL_SCIENCE_vol1 mechanism MEK MEK GENERAL ORALS MEK MOTOR ORALS melt melting meltwater MEO Applied Mechanics MEO Applied Mechanics Question Papers MEO Class 4 Oral Questions MEO Class IV MEO Examination Class iv checklist MEP MEP Orals Mercedes-Benz merchant merchant navy Merchant ship construction by H J Pursey extra master mercury-vapor lamp MET MET ORALS MET_MEP_MEK methane methane monster methanol methanol as motor fuel methanol economy metldown MetOp MGPS system on ships Michael Brown Michael Mann MicroCHIPS Microsoft microstampin MICROSTATION mind reading Minecraft MINI PROJECTS minimum minions misery index mission to Mars Mississippi Power MIT MMD MMD E-Pariksha mmd exam papers mmd india mmd online booking. mmd oral questions mmd orals mmd question papers Mo. mobile phone Model Question Papers Model S modelling projects Mondragon monetize Montreal Protocol Moore's Law moral authority moral law moral limits moral reasoning morality Motherboard Motor Cooling system questions motor fuel Motor_EK_notes_by_Glassgow_UK moving stall MP3 MP3 cutter Mp4 Mr. Spock Multi stage centrifugal pump multi-year music and technology Nakamura NASA Natalia Shakhova Nathan Currier National Highway Traffic Safety Administration National Highway Transportation Safety Administration National Institutes of Health National Rifle Association National Science Foundation National Security Agency National Sheriffs' Association National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Nautical Terms Naval architecture Naval_Architecture_Ship_Construction navigation Navigation Rules International Inland Navigational calculations Navit Navy Terminology NCIIA NEMA NERC NET net neutrality Net Positive Suction Head Net Register Tons network effect network neutrality Networking topics New York Newark NHTSA Nick Breeze Nick Holonyak Nick Paumgarten NIH Nina Pham Nintendo Nitriding NOAA Nobel Prize nonpracticing entities North Korea North Pole North Seattle College Notes on ship handling NPE NRA ns2 projects NSA NSBE NSF NSPE NTSB nuclear accident nuclear energy nuclear power nuclear power plants nuclear reactor nuclear safety nuclear waste nuclear weapon NYPD X-ray van Obama Obamacare OBD-II port Objective questions for e pariksha class iv mmd exams objective questions for epariksha Objective questions on boilers Oc ean ocean ocean heat odd north east ODI ODMCS OEM oil and gas management Oil cooling Oil tanker operations in detail OIL_BURNERS OIL_DETECTOR_FOR_FEED_WATER_TANK. oldest color videotape olivine omnicide On-line examination for MEO Class IV (B) online booking at mmd online epariksha online exam for class iv Online GATE Mock Exam online jobs OPEC open access open hearth process of steel manufacture opencarpc openElec openocd Openstreetmap Operation of a Governor OPERATION OF INERT GAS SYSTEM Operation of the Governor OPERATION_AND_MAINTENANCE_OF_AUXILIARY_BOILERS Oral questions for exams of mmd orals for class iv Orbital Sciences ordinary flyweight type organizational engineering Örjan Gustafsson Orville Redenbacher out of mind. Overspeed Trip Test Device ownership ozone Pacific Pacific Gas & Electric Panhandle Parallel flow Parallel midbody Paris Paris Agreement Part ‘B’ Particulate Materials password patent examiner patent law Patent troll Patrick McNulty pattern language Paul Beckwith Paul Debevec PBS PDF Download PDMS pdms admin PDMS Command PDMS JOB PDMS Material pdms piping designer job PDMS TRICKS PDMS Video PDNS PDS PDS JOB PDS piping designer PE license PE licensing peak peat Pemex Peoples Climate March permafrost personal photos Personal Safety on ships Peter Wadhams petrochemical PG&E Philadelphia train wreck philosophy and technology physical test of boilers PHYSIOLOGICAL MODELLING projects physiotheraphy Projects pickup pieces pilgrimage pingos Pipe Rack Pipe Support PIPE SUPPORT DESIGNER pipeline Pipeline Designer Piping Piping Calculation PIPING CHECKER Piping Data Piping Design Engineer Piping Design system Piping designer Piping Designer Job Piping Draftsman Job Piping en Piping Engineer PIPING ENGINEER JOB PIPING JOB piping layout Piping Layout Engineer Piping lead Piping News Piping standards Piping Stress Engineer PIPING SUPERINTENDENT Piping Supervisor Job Piping Tips Piping Video piston_ring pixels plan planned obsolescence Planned Parenthood Planned Parenthood vs. Casey Plant Plant Engineering Plate PLC plumes plutonium plutonium foam Plymouth University PMC pneumatic actuator Pneumatic complete lecture note Pneumatic Cylinders Pneumatic tutorial problems Pokémon Go Polar vortex police pollution Pollution prevention polygraph polynomial Pope Francis Port State Control a guide for members Positive Train Control power assist brakes Power electronics power grid power system projects Power to the people ppb Practical_Marine_Electrical_Knowledge Practice EPariksha Online MMD Final Exams pre-industrial pre-industrial levels Precautions to be taken when blowing down a boiler Preheater presentation President President Obama PRESS__TEMP_SENSOR PRESS__TEMP_SENSOR_LOCAL_GAUGE_BOARD pressure pressure gauges prestressed concrete Prevailing Wind Preventing Cavitation Prevention of Earth Faults equipment and maintenance previous question papers Priming Centrifugal Pumps Principal Piping Engineer principle printf privacy privacy rights procedure taken before dry-docking a vessel process process control Process data PRODUCTION production engineering Programing PIC microcontrollers project centers project downloads prolife Prop Shaft propeller Propeller shaft earthing system Prosthesis projects PROTECTION AGAINST POWER LOSS Protection and Maintenance protocol PSN Jobs psychological objectivity PTC publican PUMP purifiers push button PVC pyrite QuakeFinder Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Question and answer for master oral examination question papers Questions on Bearings questions papers rack and pinion radio Radio Shack radium girls Rafael RAILWAY RECRUITMENT 2012 Rana el Kaliouby raspberry pi raspberry pi 2 raspbian rational objectivity Ray DeGiorgio Ray DiGiorgio Raytheon rds rebar recall Recent RECENT TECHNOLOGY RECENT TECHNOLOGY LIST Reciprocating Compressors Reciprocating Pumps Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching recombinant DNA record RECRUITMENT red LED red-flag law red-light cameras Redflex reflectivity Refrigeration and Air Conditioning gate notes Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Notes refrigeration cycle using this cycle diagram Refrigeration-and-air-conditioning refrigerator regulation Rehabilitation projects reinforced concrete release removal renewable renewable energy renewable power Repair and Maintenance of Centrifugal Pumps repurpose Residual Stress In Weld Resistance Seam Welding Resistance Spot Welding resistive Resistor Color Code Identification Resistor Colour Coding Resistor Colour Coding online Calculater respiration projects RESUME FORMAT. retransmission fee retransmission fees reversing mechanism Review of maritime transport Richard J. Foster Ring Of Fire Ring Of Ice Ring Tone Cutter rise Rob Howarth Robert Zubrin robot moral reasoning robotics Robotics projects. Robots in medical rocker_gear_and_valves Roelof Schuiling Roger Scruton Rolex Roman Catholic Church Ronald Falcon Scott Rosalind Picard Ross Ulbricht Ross William Ulbricht Rotary Compressors rotary encoder Rotational molding process rotex Royal Society RSArctic14 rumor mill runaway runaway global heating runaway warming Russia safe Safety safety code SAFETY COMBUSTION CONTROLS safety regulation safety system SAFETY_COMBUSTION_CONTROLS Salado bridge collapse Sally Yates sam carana SAMPLING_COOLER Samsung Samsung recall San Bernardino attack San Bruno explosion sandwich panels satellite tracking saving science SCADA scanner Scavenge air cooler scholarships/loans for engineering students Sci-Hub science and technology studies Scientific American scope scope in india scotch yoke Scott Tibbetts SCS sea sea ice sea level sea level rise sea surface sea surface temperature sea surface temperatures Sea water cooling seabed Seabees Seafarers seafloor seal Seam Welding seatbelt Seattle crash Second Law of Thermodynamics security security camera sediments self-advertising self-driving car self-reinforcing Sen. Ted Cruz SENIOR PIPING DESIGNER sensitivity separators sequestration shaft shaft earthing system Sheet Metal Work using SolidWorks Sheila Jasanoff Shielded Metal Arc Welding: (SMAW) Ship construction ship design Ship design lecturer notes for marine engineers SHIP FACTORS THAT AFFECT MANOEUVRING Ship inspection report SIRE programme vessel inspection questionnaries for oil tankers Ship measurement deadweight or displacement Ship Nomenclature Ship Security Alert System SHIP STABILITY AND BUOYANCY Ship to ship transfer guide petroleum third edition 1997 International chamber of shipping oil companies international marine forum Ship to shore .. a practical guide to coastal and marine interpretation Ship_Construction Naval Arch Orals Ship_Safey_Environment_Protection Orals ship-construction-sixth-edition-d-j-eyres ship's alternator Ship's Safety and Environmental Protection - Class II Ship's Safety and Environmental Protection - Class IV Shipboard oil pollution emergency plans Shipping companies address for mariners shipping companies in india Shipping industry guidance on the use of Oily Water Separators Ensuring compliance with MARPOL ships Ships electrical plant and distribution system for the A.C. generators shuttle tankers SI and CI Engines si4703 Siberia Silicon Valley Silk Road simplicity single collar thrust block Single entry centrifugal pump Single Phasing in AC Motors Singularity Siren Server Six stroke engine sizing Slate sleep cycles slushy smart guns Smarter Every Day Smarter Than You Think smartphone smartphone app smartphones smartphones and children smike smoke Smoot-Hawley tariff snow SO2 social construction social network jobs sodium azide sodium cyanide software software engineering Solar Dryer solar energy solar panels Solar projects solar storm SOLAS SOLAS International convention for the safety of life at sea solenoid some orals question for class iv Songs Cutter Sony hack Sony Pictures Entertainment soot sour gas South Pole SP3D JOB space exploration space flight SpaceShipTwo specific heat Speech-music separation-Abstract speed and drift speeding spiritual discipline spontaneous combustion Spoolgen sports camera Sprint Spyware SSAS SSEP SSEP Orals SST St. Francis stability formaulae in detail stability is determined by the relationship of the center of gravity and the ? stainless steel refrigerator standards Star Wars Starting and Reversing Problems in Marine Engines Starting Circuits Starting Circuits of a generator Starting Circuits of an diesel engine Starting procedure of a generator engine State the difference between ME and MC engine State the difference between ME engine and RT flex engine? STATIC ELECTRICITY RELATING TO OIL TANKERS Statutory certificates and documents to be carried on board by all ships steering wheel controls steering_gear_FF STEM Stephan's Law Stephen Salter Steve Case Steven Sherwood Stingray stm32f3 stoorm stop stop-arm violation camera storm storms STRENGTH of a welded joint Strength of Materials Notes by Prof. SATISH C . SHARMA Strength of Materials Notes for gate STRESS CONCENTRATION IN WELD STRESS ENGINEER structural engineering Structural strength STS Stuffing Box Stuxnet subliminal advertising submarine submarine patent Submerged arc welding: (SAW) submit question papers of mmd suicide sulzer Sulzer Common Rail Fuel Injection Systems summit Supercharging surface surface. temperature surge surveillance surveillance software surviving disaster the titanic and solas suspension problem Svalbard SWERUS-C3 switch detent plunger Switches synchronization syncing synthetic DNA Taiwan earthquake Takata take down the Internet talking cars Tanker safety Tanker safety guide liquefied gas tDCS Technical and operational update for bulk carriers technological unemployment TECHNOLOGY Technology Choices technology management tectonic plate TELE COMMUNICATION telegraph temperance temperature temperature anomalies temperature anomaly temperatures Terms Pertaining to ship structures terrorism Tesla Tesla fatality Testing gauge glass and water column tests in a sample of boiler water Tests of watertight doors Texas Ag Industries Association Texas City disaster Texas Department of Transportation Texas earthquakes Texas Health Presbyterian Center Texas Highway Department Texas Railroad Commission Texas State University Texas wind farms TEXTILE texting texting while driving thalidomide The 2 Stroke Crosshead Engine Piston The Curse of the Cloud The Death of Adam the ethics of invention The Free Surface Effect the great unraveling The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities The International Maritime Organization The Interview The Man In the White Suit the Mast The Merchant Shipping Acts and amendments in detail The Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming The Snake Pit The Turnomat valve of the cylinder the upward pressure of displaced water is called The_2_Stroke_Crosshead_Engine. The_2_Stroke_Diesel_Cycle The_4_Stroke_Diesel_Cycle THE_AIR_STARTING_SYSTEM_HOW_AN_ENGINE_STARTS_ON_AIR The_Turnomat_Valve_Rotator THE-LEARNING-RESOURCE-for-marine-engineers-super-book the-turnomat-valve-rotator Thermal Properties of Engineering Materials Thermohaline Circulation thermonuclear fusion thickness Thomas Edison Thomas Eric Duncan Thorne Lay threat Three Methods of Analysis Three Types of Ship Structures Tianjin explosion timeless way of building Timex Timpson TMS tobacco politics Tom Wheeler TOP ENGINEERING COLLEGES Tor torque Torque & Drag Torstein Viðdalr touch screen touchscreen toxic waste Toyota train wreck Trainee Job Training transcranial direct current stimulation transcranial magnetic stimulation transhumanism transhumanist transition Transportation Security Administration trend troubleshooting antifouling paints Troubleshooting_and_Repair_of_Diesel_Engines truckdriver trunks tsunami Tube and Shell tubulars tunnels Turbine Turbo-Charger | What Is Turbo Charger | Super Charger | Functions Of Turbo Charger | Turbo Charger Parts Turbocharger Deposits and Cleaning Turbocharging Turbocharging and Supercharging tutorial TV broadcasting TV in restaurants tweet tweets Twist Bioscience Twitter Two Stroke Cycle two_stroke_piston two-stroke crosshead marine diesel engines TxDOT Types of cargo pumps Types of Heat Exchanger Construction Types of Heat Exchangers Types Of Motor Enclosures Types of motor protection device Types of scavenging TYPES OF VALVES TYPES_OF_BOILERS Types_of_scavenging typhoon U. S. Environmental Protection Agency U. S. Geological Survey U. S. Naval Research Laboratory U. S. patent U. S. Patent and Trademark Office U. S. Supreme Court U.S. UAS ubuntu Ulysses Cephas Umpqua Community College UN Underwriters Laboratories United Nations Up With Authority upgrade urea US-JOBS usart use of force useful for online epariksha utilitarianism V2V Valve valve and valve gear valve and valve gear mechanism Valve Handbook valve_and_valve_gear valve-and-valve-gear valves valves are fitted to double bottom Valves in detail description vane Vanguard Vannevar Bush vaping vapor Variable geometry turbochargers vehicle-to-vehicle communications Veli Albert Kallio vent ventilation and gas measurement Ventilation of pump rooms and other enclosed spaces vents vessel's principal dimensions videos Vijg Viking ship VIN vinyl chloride Virgin Galactic virtue virus Visual navigation aids VLSI volcanoes Volkswagen volume volumetric efficiency voyage charter VTech VW VW emissions W. L. Craig Ward Leonard Speed Control System for a DC Motor warm warm water warming wartsila rta series Waste Isolation Pilot Plant water water detected in fuel oil Water hammer water supply water vapor WATER_WASHING_HOSE Water-ring primer wateranalysis Watertight doors watertreatment Watertube Boilers wave waves Waze wearable technology Wearing Rings weather weather routing a new approah weathering webcam Wei-Hock Soon weight on bit weld weld defects their causes and how to correct them weld inspection welded joints in detail Welding in detail welding process Welding-Question and answers-for-Students well planning West explosion West Fertilizer Company West fertilizer explosion West Virginia Westinghouse wet bulb What Are Diesel Emissions? What Are Hydrocarbon Traps? What are the angle for v engine and what is their maximum limit. what are the List of Stores on board What Causes Machine Vibration? what does WORK SHOP contains ? What is a cam less engine ? What is A Clamp Meter What Is a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst? What is a Hydrophore System ? What is a planimeter ? What is a Steam Trap? What is an Incinerator ? what is Conduction what is Convection What is Hot Well ? What is meant by Convection What is motor enclosure What is pilgrim nut ? and its use and purpose what is Radiation What is Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)? What is TEU ? What is the Difference between a Humidifier and Vaporizer? What is the Jacket Cooling Water Expansion Tank ? What is the length of crank web What is the meaning of indicator diagrams? what is water hammer What test is carried out wheezy Where is the expansion of main engine accommodated ? Who Owns the Future? Why are indicator diagrams taken ? why boiler treatment Wild Weather Swings wildfire wildfires William J. Watkins Jr. wind wind energy Windows XP winds winter WIPP wireless wireless car hack WMO women engineers women in engineering Woodward speed governor WordPerfect working principle workplace safety World War II World War III WorleyParsons Job WWS X Factor xbmc xbmc 12 xbmc 12.2 xbmc frodo xbmc gotham Y2K Yale Brain Function Lab Yik Yak YouTube